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Monitoring of concurrent, co-located tornado and flash flood (TORFF) warnings

Below is the most recent image showing overlapping tornado and flash flood warning polygons thus far in 2018. Warnings are shown if they overlap in space and are valid within 30 minutes of one another, calculated as described in Nielsen et al. (2015, Weather and Forecasting). The images are updated once per day at approximately 1045 UTC. The images are zoomed in on the region where overlapping TORFF warnings are most frequently observed.

Images last updated 1036 UTC Tuesday September 18 2018. (click image to embiggen)

The ten most recent TORFF overlapping warnings are:

RNK issued TOR warning at: 201809180253 and FF warning at: 201809180251
AKQ issued TOR warning at: 201809171428 and FF warning at: 201809171401
RAH issued TOR warning at: 201809171132 and FF warning at: 201809171103
ILM issued TOR warning at: 201809170422 and FF warning at: 201809170403
ILM issued TOR warning at: 201809170123 and FF warning at: 201809170124
ILM issued TOR warning at: 201809161958 and FF warning at: 201809162000
ILM issued TOR warning at: 201809161550 and FF warning at: 201809161528
ILM issued TOR warning at: 201809160149 and FF warning at: 201809160155
CRP issued TOR warning at: 201809151814 and FF warning at: 201809151746
MHX issued TOR warning at: 201809150231 and FF warning at: 201809150237

Download the text file with the details of this year's overlapping warnings.

Maps of overlapping warnings from previous years:



All TORFF Warning Intersections (n=3659) from 2008-2017:


TORFF Warning Intersections for Select U.S. Tropical Cyclones:

Select a Storm:


This research is sponsored by NOAA grant NA15OAR4590233, in support of the 2016 VORTEX-SE field campaign.

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