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Group photo

Taken November 2015, in a snowband, on the day of Erik Nielsen's MS defense:
(back row) Peter Goble, John Peters, Russ Schumacher, Samuel Childs, Nathan Kelly
(front row) Bob Tournay, Stacey Hitchcock, Greg Herman

Russ Schumacher

Associate Professor

e-mail: russ.schumacher "at" colostate "dot" edu

Russ joined the faculty at Colorado State in the fall of 2011. He received his B.S. with majors in meteorology and humanities from Valparaiso University in Indiana in 2001, and earned his M.S. in 2003 and Ph.D. in 2008 from the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University. Russ received an Advanced Study Program Postdoctoral Fellowship from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and spent 2008-2009 at NCAR in Boulder. From 2009-2011, Russ was assistant professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at Texas A&M University. He received the CAREER award from the National Science Foundation in 2010, and was selected as Outstanding Professor of the Year by the students of the department in 2012. He was selected to receive the Editor's Award for the journals Monthly Weather Review and Weather and Forecasting in 2015. Russ was promoted to Associate Professor at CSU in July 2016.

Current Graduate Students

Greg Herman

B.S., University of Washington, 2013
e-mail: gherman "at" atmos "dot" colostate "dot" edu

Greg joined the research group in the fall of 2013 from the University of Washington. Greg defended his MS thesis in November 2015, titled "Model post-processing for the extremes: Improving forecasts of locally extreme rainfall." Greg plans to continue his research on improving probabilistic weather forecasts in the PhD program at CSU.

Erik Nielsen

B.S., Texas A&M University, 2013
e-mail: erikrn "at" atmos "dot" colostate "dot" edu

Erik joined the research group in the fall of 2013 from Texas A&M University. Erik defended his MS thesis in November 2015, titled "Using convection-allowing ensembles to understand the predictability of extreme rainfall." Erik was awarded a National Science Foundation graduate research fellowship in 2014. He plans to continue for a PhD with research interests involving midlatitude convective systems that produce both severe weather, extreme precipitation, and flash flooding.

Stacey Hitchcock

B.S., University of Oklahoma, 2012
M.S., University of Oklahoma, 2014
e-mail: smhitch "at" rams "dot" colostate "dot" edu

Stacey joined the research group in the spring of 2015 after earning her M.S. from the University of Oklahoma. Her Ph.D. research will focus on mesoscale convective systems, including observations obtained during the PECAN field campaign.

Samuel Childs

B.S., Purdue University, 2015
e-mail: sjchilds "at" rams "dot" colostate "dot" edu

Sam joined the research group in the fall of 2015 from Purdue University. He received an American Meteorological Society Graduate Fellowship and a National Science Foundation graduate research fellowship to conduct research on connections between climate and severe convective weather.

Nathan Kelly

B.S., Valparaiso University, 2015
e-mail: nkelly "at" engr "dot" colostate "dot" edu

Nathan joined the research group in the fall of 2015 from Valparaiso University. He will be conducting research on the atmospheric conditions associated with extreme rainfall in different regions of the world.

Postdoctoral researcher

John Peters

B.S., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2010
M.S., atmospheric science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2012
Ph.D., atmospheric science, Colorado State University, 2015
e-mail: jpeters3 "at" atmos "dot" colostate "dot" edu

John joined the research group in the fall of 2012, after completing an M.S. degree in atmospheric science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee under the direction of Paul Roebber. He completed his Ph.D. in summer 2015, and was awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, and chose to remain at CSU to conduct his postdoctoral research. John's research interests include the processes that initiate and organize convective storms. Personal Website

Former Graduate Students

Bob Tournay

Ph.D., 2016

Bob received his Ph.D. in August 2016 after completing his dissertation exploring the influences of land-surface characteristics, and particularly soil moisture, on mesoscale convective systems in the central U.S. He is now a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force, based in Omaha, Nebraska.

Peter Goble

M.S., 2016

Peter received his M.S. in August 2016 after completing his thesis on connections between soil moisture and drought in Colorado and surrounding areas. During his time as a graduate student, he also worked for the Colorado Climate Center, and upon completion of his M.S. he started a position as associate scientist with the CCC.

Annareli Morales

M.S., 2014

Annareli received her M.S. in December 2014 after completing her thesis on mesoscale aspects of the September 2013 extreme rainfall and flooding in Colorado. Annareli was co-advised by Russ Schumacher and Sonia Kreidenweis, and is currently a Ph.D. student in atmospheric science at the University of Michigan.

Vanessa Vincente

M.S., 2014

Vanessa earned her M.S. in May 2014 after completing her thesis, which included a multi-disciplinary study of heavy precipitation along the Front Range of Colorado. Vanessa was one of the students supported by CSU I-WATER, an interdisciplinary program training graduate students in hydrology, atmospheric science, and ecology. She is now a meteorologist with the COMET program.

Charles Yost

M.S., 2013

Charles earned his M.S. in the spring of 2013 after completing his thesis on displacement biases in numerical forecasts of convective systems. He currently works for OneRain in Longmont, CO.

Samantha Lynch

M.S., 2012

Sammy earned her M.S. in December 2012 after completing her thesis that involved ensemble synoptic analysis of widespread extreme rain events, including the Nashville, TN flood of 2010. Sammy currently works for Warner Chilcott Corporation.

Kelly Keene

M.S., 2011 (from Texas A&M University)

Kelly earned her M.S. in August 2011 after completing her thesis on the "bow and arrow" phenomenon. She is currently an Associate Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, CO.

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