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Research: Banded convection

In collaboration with Dr. David Schultz (University of Manchester/University of Helsinki) and Dr. John Knox (University of Georgia), Dr. Schumacher examined an interesting case of unpredicted convective snowbands that occurred along the Front Range of the Rockies in February 2007. A particular focus was on the multiple atmospheric instabilities---gravitational, symmetric, inertial---that may have been released to cause the observed banded structures, as well as on the role that the topography played in the event. A paper was recently accepted for publication in Monthly Weather Review on this case, and research is ongoing to further pin down the mechanisms that lead to narrow convective bands.

(left) Observed composite radar reflectivity from three times on 16 February 2007. (right) WRF model simulated reflectivity.

Refereed publications on this subject

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