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Medium-Range Severe Weather Forecasts


Welcome to the webpage for severe weather forecasting with machine learning. Forecasts produced on this page use the same methodology as the Extreme Precipitation Model (except with a different predictand), and are intended to closely mimic SPC Convective Outlook products. Complete methodology for these forecasts is described in a publication currently under review.. Methodology is currently under development and subject to change.

DISCLAIMER:These forecasts are provided for informational purposes only; the creator assumes no responsibility for the forecasts or actions of others derived therefrom. This disclaimer applies to all forecasts provided on this page or any other forecast product presented elsewhere on this website.

Please send any comments, feedback, or suggstions to: gherman at atmos dot colostate dot edu

Currently Supported Forecast Lead Times:

- F12-F36

- F36-F60

- F60-F84

- F84-F108

- F108-F132

Initialization Date:


Hover mouse over an hour to see forecasts for forecasts for precipitation accumulations beginning at the given start time (in hours since initialization).