Real-time monitoring of heavy precipitation

Some important changes have been made to this precipitation monitoring website. We continue to plot the maps over the central and eastern United States using the method described by Stevenson and Schumacher (2014). But with the availability of NOAA Atlas 14 over much of the country, we have also expanded the analysis nationwide, using Atlas 14 where available and older NOAA atlases where updated information is not yet available.

So, you now have two choices to look at these near-real-time precipitation maps! If they interest you, you may want to bookmark both. Click through to:

  • the "old" site, which covers only the central and eastern US, but has archived maps going back to 2002 and includes the analysis from Schumacher and Stevenson (2014)
  • the "new" site, which covers the whole CONUS, using the updated NOAA Atlas 14 thresholds where available

    Thanks for your interest in this project! You shouldn't see this "splash" page again.